• Cooling solutions

    with quiet and efficient options

    Replacing central air conditioning equipment can result in energy savings. If you choose an
    Energy Star qualified model, you can save even more—but savings will only be realized if it's
    installed correctly. Variable speed units are not only more efficent, but can reduce fan noise.

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  • A broad range

    of energy efficient air conditioners

    Precise technology in modern units, WiFi thermostats, communicating indoor equipment and two
    stages of cooling provide outstanding comfort, efficiency, and humidity removal.
    A ductless system with an inverter compressor, quiet operation, cooling/heating/fan mode,
    dehumidifying modes can offer a solution where a traditional ducted system may not be appropriate.

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  • Making your life

    more comfortable and easier

    Don’t buy much or too little — getting an incorrectly sized cooling system is the most common
    mistake people make, regardless of the brand. Undercalculate your cooling needs and you
    could be hot and sticky and increase your electric bills. Buy more capacity than you need and
    you may wind up with a cool, damp space.

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